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Knowledge is power...

I believe that when we share our knowledge with others we strengthen our lives and our communities. I consider the act of teaching a great honor and a learning experience for myself as well. The following are classes that I offer both professionals and the general public. When we learn new ways to take care for ourselves and others we become empowered...

*Due to Covid19 current gathering restrictions, I am unable to offer group classes at this time. I am still offering individual and couples classes in my office where there is adequate space and well established cleaning practices. To arrange for a class, please contact me.

Foot Reflexology


Maintaining health through the feet has been practiced for thousands of years. Long before shoes, we walked the earth allowing rocks & sticks to provide a natural source of Reflexology. In our current times of extensive foot wear, long hours sitting, and excessive amounts of stress, it is more important than ever to learn & practice the technique of Foot Reflexology. Reflexology is a technique that can be shared with all ages, even infants. Whether you're seeking to gain balance in your health or learn better techniques to share with loved ones, Foot Reflexology is enjoyable & easy to learn!


I offer couples & group trainings (open to the public). 



Couples: $75

Groups (4 or more): $200

Family Massage


Not everyone aspires to be a professional Massage Therapist, but that doesn't mean you can't learn basic techniques to care for your friends & family. Learning massage techniques can help you offer soothing & relaxing support to those you care about. This class provides guidance & practice in technique as well as body mechanics to help you not hurt yourself & be able to give longer, more effective massages. 



Couple: $75

Family (up to 5 per class): $100

Community Group (6 or more): $200



The Home Medicine Cabinet


Coming soon! A day long class to learn about common items in your home & grocery store that can help your health naturally!

Massage for Dementia

I've combined my knowledge as a massage professional with my education in dementia care to create a class for anyone who has contact with persons with dementia. Learn massage techniques to reduce anxiety, improve sleep, improve appetite, and build connection with our loved ones experiencing dementia.



Community organization: Free

Private in-home: $40

Open to health care providers and the public

cupping set.jpg
Cupping for Home Use

Hands sore after 5 minutes of massaging your partner? Of course they are, offering a 60 minute massage without your body and hands being in pain takes years of practice! Cupping is a cost efficient and highly effective tool used to relax tight, sore muscles, recover from muscular injuries, and soften knots. It's an easy technique for couples, families, and friends to use to provide support for each other. Let me show you how!

1 hour of instruction for two people: $75

45 minutes facial cupping: $60

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