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Have some questions? Maybe this will help...

*Do I have to take all my clothes off for a massage?

Absolutely not! I have a wide range of massage techniques which include a client opting for leaving all their clothes on. Yes, the massage will be somewhat different than if you're undressed but will still be just as effective. Any therapist that tells you that you have to take all your clothes off to get a 'real' massage is not respecting your right to self-determination in how you receive health care. 

*Do I have to lie down? 

It isn't necessary to lie flat on your stomach or back to receive massage. There are plenty of options, such as, sitting in a chair or special massage chair, lying on your side, or (in the case of hospice massage) you don't even need to get out of bed. We can make it work for your optimal comfort. To place you in an uncomfortable position defeats the purprose of getting a massage...relaxation and healing. 

*I'm bringing my minor child or elderly loved one in for massage, can I stay in the room?

This is perfectly acceptable, I have no problem massaging with family members in the room. The clients comfort is important and sometimes that means having a familiar person in the room with them. 

*Is your office ADA compliant?

Yes, my office is in a professional, ground level building that has full ADA access. This includes both restrooms (non-gender specific) and my private office. 

*What are your privacy practices?

As well as adhering to HIPAA standards, I also take extra steps to being sensitive to the small community we live in. Privacy takes on a different form when we live in a small town. It's difficult to not 'bump' in to our neighbors out in the community! There are two practices I enforce as a therapist to honor and protect your privacy: 1) sessions are scheduled with gaps of time in between so clients will not cross paths or wait in the lobby together. 2) If we see each other in public, I will not expose our professional relationship. That is your decision to make if you so decide to acknowledge our knowing each other. I will also not discuss our sessions with anyone, even family members. 

*What if I don't like the standard 'massage music'can I make another music choice?

Please do! If there is a particular style or genre of music that you find relaxing you can bring it in with you or I may have a suitable option on my Pandora account. My only restrictions on music choices are that it isn't sexually explicit or gender/racially derogatory. I've massaged listening to everything from Reggae, Country, Gospel, to Hip Hop and Heavy Metal. I'm musically diverse! 

*Is there free parking? 

All of St Helens riverfront has free parking and there are many spaces within the same block as my office. 


*Are you comfortable working with transgender persons?

I work with everyone. Period. I have a zero discrimination principle. When you come to me, I respect that you are coming to me for help and I offer all of my ability regardless of gender, race, economic status, sexual orientation, or age. This also applies to the building that my office is located. All are welcome. 

*Should massage hurt to be effective?

No. Pain is our body's warning sign that something isn't right. Lack of pain during massage doesn't indicate that it will not be effective.  It is my responsibility to help you get to that relaxation state. Be skeptical of any therapist that instructs you to 'relax' through painful amounts of pressure. If you were able to relax on your own you probably wouldn't need a massage.  

Still have more questions? Please ask me and I'll be sure to add them to this list for others!


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