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ABOUT Gea Belle

Gea Belle has explored holistic health and healing for a majority of her life, beginning with Reflexology at the age of 10. She continued on to study Reiki, earning a Master Herbalist diploma, earning her massage license in the state of Oregon, a degree in Gerontology, and a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy. With the knowledge of ‘whole being wellness’, she brings 15 years of corporate experience as a customer service trainer and conflict resolution specialist which blended well with her belief that there is a solution to every problem. Her most recent studies have been receiving her certification as a Family Dog Mediator, Neurolinguistic Programming and Mindfulness Practitioner.  


Her area of focus is therapeutic relaxation which comprises a blend of multiple techniques utilizing specialized training in Reiki, a variety of massage modalities, positive psychology, and hypnosis to offer clients a unique opportunity to personalize their sessions to experience relaxation on a unique and individual basis. Her personal approach is: No pain…no pain. 

Gea Belle Barker CMH LMT
A Little Bit More About Me...

I am a victorious survivor of trauma. This early life experience gives me a unique perspective on how trauma affects us over a lifetime and my life pursuit has been to undo negative teachings, heal, and teach others how to reclaim their lives. Having benefited personally from a wide variety of modalities and techniques to address stress and exhaustion from maladaptive coping mechanisms, over the years I have found my way to a multitude of stress management tools such as massage, hypnosis and mindfulness. This seeking of new tools to reach greater depths of inner connection and peace has been a wondrous and continuous journey of exploration. My greatest joy comes when I'm able to assist others in finding what enables them to gain control of their lives and a deeper sense of self and connection to the world around us. 

The role of healer isn't one that requires that I give my own energy away (nor do I take on your crisis like a sacrificial lamb). I'm simply a conduit and I believe in the principle of abundance...there's enough healing love and energy for everyone. I provide the tools for you to heal yourself and it's a tremendous honor to be present and of service. What each person chooses to do with the tools and universal energy available is between you and you.

I've been called a 'school junkie'. That is in no way a bad term in my opinion! I feel I can never know too much and the more I learn, the better able I am to help others. I receive much joy in knowledge and even more so being able to share it with others. Though I strive to know it all, I do acknowledge and respect that we all have our individual journeys. I believe the information comes to us and is usable when it's right, thus I respect all other's space to obtain that information when they're ready. In short: I will never impose my beliefs or knowledge on anyone not requesting it, and gladly share when asked.

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