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ABOUT Gea Belle

Gea Belle has explored holistic health and healing for a majority of her life, beginning with Reflexology at the age of 10. She continued on to study Reiki, earning a Master Herbalist diploma from ACHS, and then attending Oregon School of Massage to round out her studies of natural health, earning her license in the state of Oregon. With the knowledge of ‘whole being wellness’, she brings 15 years of experience as a customer service trainer and conflict resolution specialist which blended well with her belief that there is a solution to every problem. She recently completed her AAS in Gerontology with a specialty certification on end of life care and dementia. Her most recent completed certification has been in  Neurolinguistic  Programming and Mindfulness Practitioner.  


Her area of focus is a therapeutic relaxation which comprises a blend of multiple techniques utilizing specialized training in Reiki, Reflexology, non-fire cupping, therapeutic heat, and facilitated stretching to offer clients a unique opportunity to personalize their sessions to experience the full benefits of massage therapy. Her personal approach is: No pain…no pain. 

A Little Bit More About Me...

Many years in corporate environments became very valuable in my desire to help others through massage. Having benefited personally from regular massage to address stress and exhaustion from the demanding corporate world, I discovered that I had found my new calling. Embarking on this new journey has been rewarding for me beyond words and I knew after my first term in school that I had made the right decision. The Universe simply cleared the way for me thereafter.


I'm frequently asked if being an LMT is exhausting. The answer is 'No'. Quite the opposite...a massage session is very relaxing and rejuvenating for me as the Practitioner. The role of healer isn't one that requires that I give my own energy away (nor do I take on your crisis like a sacrificial lamb). I'm simply a conduit and I believe in the principle of abundance...there's enough healing love and energy for everyone. I provide the tools for you to heal yourself and it's a tremendous honor to be present and of service. What each person chooses to do with the tools and universal energy available is between you and you. Furthermore, I honor my own needs and do not engage in healing sessions if I am in need. To do so otherwise would by hypocritical and less than healing for both of us. This is why I have a rule of only engaging in a few sessions a day. This keeps me in a place of providing optimal energy flow. I'm about quality, not quantity. 


I've been called a 'school junkie'. That is in no way a bad term in my opinion! I feel I can never know too much and the more I learn, the better able I am to help others. I receive much joy in knowledge and even more so being able to share it with others. Though I strive to know it all, I do acknowledge and respect that we all have our individual journeys. I believe the information comes to us and is usable when it's right, thus I respect all other's space to obtain that information when they're ready. In short: I will never impose my beliefs or knowledge on anyone not requesting it, and gladly share when asked.


In my free time, I explore the NW wilderness with my family and friends, voraciously garden medicinal herbs and vegetables, cook, and watch as many documentaries as possible...about pretty much everything!

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