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                                               End of Life Care
One of the most important times in our life cycle when we need love, compassion, and comforting can be at the end of our lives. Massage and hypnosis can make that difference by soothing the mind and body, lessening pain and anxiety, providing human contact, and comfort to the possible depression experienced. Massage and hypnosis can be an excellent tool to help our loved ones transition peacefully and lovingly to what's next and what that is is perceived differently for every one of us. Unlike a standard massage or hypnosis session, it is completely free-style depending entirely on what each individual needs. There is no need to come to an office, remove clothing, stick to a specific session time, or any other traditional aspect of a session. I provide support how ever best works for you. I work in any stage of dying, whether passive (early diagnosis) or active (final stage), conscious or unconscious, home setting, hospital, or hospice home. Sessions are offered in 15 minute increments based on what is comfortable and needed, not to exceed 60 minutes.  

Cost: by donation only. What this means is that I don't have a rate for hospice massage. If you feel inclined to pay me and this feels right to you, then do so. If you can't afford to pay me then don't. I only work within a 20 mile radius of St. Helens.
To further discuss yours or your loved one's hospice massage and/or hypnosis needs,
please call me: 503-998-0034

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