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Deep Relaxation


Imagine how relaxed you feel after a great massage... Now imagine how relaxed you feel after a great guided meditation...but can you imagine how you could feel after having a hypnomassage that combines mind, body, and spirit? Imagine it... Breathe. Really imagine it and close your eyes. Both massage and hypnosis have something in common. They have the ability to drop us into a state of mind that enables us to access our subconscious. The place where all our strengths, passions, true desires, and motivations live! 


But our subconscious also contains our barriers (real or imagined), old beliefs, and habits we'd rather not have. Maybe you're seeking a deeper level of relaxation and stress reduction. Maybe you have a goal in mind and just need that something extra to break through those final barriers. Combining hypnosis with massage is a safe, gentle approach to incorporating new ways of living and viewing ourselves. What are you truly capable of? Let's find out!  

A standard HypnoMassage session is 90 minutes. For a more in-depth hypnomassage session, 120 minutes is recommended. This time is spent defining your goals, areas of life you seek improvement in, and hands-on bodywork with hypnosis to create a body-mind connection. We will be approaching achieving your goals from all angles!

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