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Relaxation Massage

This is a true relaxation massage... No busy corporate setting, no receiving from an overworked therapist, no one dumping their life story on you* (see below), your own...private...oasis of relaxation. I believe that no two people benefit from the exact same session or technique. This is why I charge a standard rate for all massage. One cost for all techniques allows us to tailor your session to exactly what you need, whether you have Hot Stones, Swedish, Thai, Lomi Lomi, Aromatherapy, Cupping, Reflexology, Reiki, or a combination of any of the techniques I use. If you're seeking occasional stress relief, recovering from whiplash, or have decided to make massage a part of your wellness plan, together we can create a session that is unique to your needs and successful in helping you achieve a blissful state of relaxation.
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Why Relax?


Relaxation is at the core of what keeps us healthy. The power of relaxation should not be underestimated! Most studies conducted on the health benefits of massage, such as for high blood pressure, anxiety, or stress reduction rarely use more than 15 minutes of standard Swedish massage. These studies have concluded that regular sessions of massage can greatly improve conditions related to stress. Even 15 minutes can have a dramatic effect on our wellbeing! While most of us may not be able to quit our busy lifestyles, we can integrate relaxation massage to help us make it through the week. In our busy world and hectic lives, relaxation is not a's a necessity. 

Therapeutic Relaxation
Inner Peace

Relaxation is Therapeutic!

When used to address injury, chronic pain, and muscle imbalances, relaxation massage can be very powerful. A session will vary greatly depending on the injury and stage of recovery you are in. This may include deep tissue, Thai stretching, non-fire cupping, therapeutic heat, essential oils, and reflexology...frequently a mix of 2 or more techniques. No two people experience injury or pain the same way, this is why it's very important to have access to a multitude of techniques in one session to ensure you receive what works for you. You will receive a thorough intake prior to your session to discuss and determine, together, a healing plan for you. Insurance billing may be approved, let me check for you!  

*I respect your time for relaxation and will only engage you in conversation as absolutely necessary. If you are seeking a session that is more geared towards talking/venting and learning new ways to manage stress, please schedule a Relaxation Consultation

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