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I have always valued far above any other form of advertising the power of 'word of mouth'. My clients testimonies are the fuel that keeps me moving in a forward direction. It brings me the best of the best clients, and it keeps me accountable and humble. It's with great appreciation that I share these testimonies. 


~ A beautiful touch with caring connection by a wonderful person. Always the best. - AB

~ Gea is a goddess. could not stay in the present....drifted off to a good place. - DB

~ As always, I walk out a new person. Gea is masterful. - LH

~ Gea, Best ever! there was feeling in my leg and feet again. - CI

~ It was spiritual. you have blessed hands. my body responds and lets go. total relaxation tonight. - SC

~ Simply amazing! Thank you! - HB

~ I have never felt so good or so comfortable in my life with a massage. Absolutely amazing and I can't wait to come back - CW

~ Simply the best. Never had someone that cares that much and makes you so much better ️- CW

~ Gea Belle’s massage treatment always always exceeds my expectations. She knows where your body hurts and her miracle/ therapeutic hands are very healing. I am very lucky to find her - RR

~ You truly have healing hands. Thank you. - GK

~ Always a leave feeling wonderful. She's the best! - BC

~You are just all-around awesome to spend time with. Thank you for your input, and sharing in my journey. - PF

~ Gea was so awesome, attentive, and an amazing massage therapist. She truly listens to the body and is very attentive about your needs. Definitely by far the best massage I’ve ever received, and I’ve gotten a lot of different ones before. I would highly recommend going to her since it was overall a really great, calm, peaceful, and enjoyable experience holistically. Also her space and atmosphere can calm even the loudest of waves… She was able to help get the huge knot that was in the upper part of my back. So thanks, Gea!! You’re so awesome, and I also enjoyed the conversations during it. Thank you. - HS

~ Gea was great. Good listener, kind hearted, gentle hands. Ill be back. Thank you for working with my schedule.:) anyone in st Helens area, try her out. I've been to several in town, Gea is a gem. Go see her, works with all ages. - VK

~ Had stiff neck that's been bothering me for a week. Felt so much better after the session with Gae. She listens and makes sure she is applying the right pressure while working on you. I appreciate her no pain, no pain approach. Will definitely come back when in town. - WC

~ I’ve been working with Gea as my massage therapist for years. I love her energy, her amazing massages and the fact that she truly listens and responds with terrific massages. She’s given me incredible advice for healing and keeping my body healthy. Recently, Gea spoke to becoming a Hypno-Therapist. I was thrilled and offered myself up as a test patient. I’ve had quite a bit of therapy throughout my life due to an abusive childhood. I had never thought about the combination of massage and hypnosis but WOW. It makes so much sense. We are built on muscle memories, walking, driving, eating, loving, etc.  So much of living is created with the action and movement of our bodies. The combination of the two is the first time that I had body and mind work done at the same time. I felt her healing words deep within my bones. I came away with a sense of serenity that was worked throughout my body. I use to joke that it took a long time for the words I heard in therapy to work their way into my heart. This time I felt that my body drunk up the words while my mind felt calm and happy that both parts were working in tandem. I truly have never experienced such a profoundly healing experience. To anyone who is looking for a great integration of mind/body therapy, this is it! - DB

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