Hypnosis for a better life!

Coming in Spring of 2023! 

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This page (therapist) is in progress..

In my quest to better serve my clients and the world in general, I have embarked on a new academic journey to learn the ancient art of Hypnosis. Having personally experienced wonderful results utilizing hypnosis for my own growth and betterment, I made the decision to seek advanced training in hypnosis! I will begin seeing clients in April 2023. 

Hypnosis has a wide range of applications and ability to be supportive through many areas in life we all experience and sometimes struggle with. Whether it's finding your inner strength to make changes, changing habits that no longer serve you, improving areas of your life that you can't quite reach but know you're capable of, or seeking a deeper spiritual connection to the world around you, hypnosis has a long, rich history of being safe and effective

Although hypnosis has gained a reputation from circus-like performances showing people losing control of their ability to not embarrass themselves, when used in a professional, therapeutic setting, hypnosis is anything but a side-show. When hypnosis is used as a tool to improve our lives, the recipient is in full participation, fully aware, and able to access their innate ability to do what's best for them. This form of hypnosis is referred to as Subconscious Behavioralism. The hypnotist has received extensive education on how to safely and effectively guide the client to resolving their concerns. 

The program I am studying is taught by the only fully accredited Hypnosis school in the United States. This is kind of a big deal! As hypnosis is not regulated in the U.S., many programs are offered to train hypnotists over a short period of time (a couple months, a couple weeks, a weekend!?!). I have opted for the extended program that is a two year program that includes a degree in Mind-Body Psychology. 

As I progress in the program, I will update this page. If you'd like to add your name to the list of interested persons, click here