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Geriatric Massage

Geriatric and End of Life massage in St Helens and Scappoose! Geriatric massage is massage that specializes in working with the elderly. The techniques are specially tailored to be supportive of the changes we experience physically, emotionally, and spiritually as we age. While we can't avoid aging, massage can lessen some of the not so pleasant aspects of aging such as achy joints from arthritis, dry skin from the slowing of healing, and sense of loneliness that we experience as we lose friends and family. With comforting and positive touch, massage provides a much needed healing boost to the aging process. 


The techniques used in Geriatric Massage are based on Swedish strokes that are flowing and gentle. A combination of massage and heat are used to relieve pain and stiff muscles. Consideration is also given to positioning comfort and isn't confined to the client needing to disrobe and lie flat on a massage table. Massage can be provided fully clothed, sitting, side lying, in a wheelchair, or where ever you are comfortable. To request an appointment click here


Benefits of Geriatric Massage: 


  • Pain Reduction

  • Increased Circulation

  • Increased Flexibility

  • Improved Breathing

  • Improved Appetite

  • Improved Sleep

  • Improved Sense of Connected-ness 

  • Increased Mental Alertness

  • Reduction of Anxiety

  • Reduction of Depression

  • Decrease of Agitation with Alzheimer's /Dementia

  • Improvement in Balance



60 minutes: $50-$70 

90 minutes: $80-$100


*House calls: $100 per 60 minutes, 60 minute minimum. All first visit house calls for geriatric massage I am accompanied by my husband. Though not in the room during the massage, will be on the premise to ensure my safety. I appreciate your understanding in this procedure. 

End of Life Massage

Caring for our loved ones at the end of their lives can be one of the most challenging and important tasks we have in our relationships. Massage can provide loving, compassionate connection during this time for both the person in transition and their caregivers. My combined experience of geriatric massage and a degree that specializes in end of life care gives me a unique ability to provide care during this incredibly personal and important time. My hands-on experience also includes direct hospice work so I am very well versed in terminal pathology and how to provide soothing touch in the most unlikely massage environments. My initial consultation is free, with subsequent sessions negotiated on rates. For further information on hospice massage, click here.  

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